We make performances.

We expose contradictions. We are ridiculous. We struggle and strive together with humor. We want to laugh and bring other people to laugh. 

We take the stage to tumble. We understand failure as an opportunity and operator of change. We are in an ongoing research process. We will not be sure about anything.

We create with the materiality of our bodies and voices, here and now, in life, on the stage, with each other. We investigate the presence and recognize everyone in the room.

The space that we claim is used for global discourses. We take the stage to build up real-time connection with the audience. We will never ignore if a piano or a cow falls on the stage as we will never ignore our privileges and stay aware of global grievances. 

We stay angry and aware as long as patriarchal structures diminish work of women*.

We are savage. We speak many languages. We are from South, North, Center. We are up, down, but always left. 

We respect each other. We will keep trying to arrive on time! 

We build and create together. We fight, we cry and after all we hug each other. We listen and help each other in the difficult moments. We are drama-queens. We will be strong when one of us is weak. We are fa-mi-ly, I got all my sisters with me. 


We will keep working also in times of pandemia.

We will fight until the end.

We will not allow a man to steal our ideas or labour power.

We like money, we like paychecks, we like champagne.

If we notice we can live without doing art, we will leave.

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